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He’s ok with unprotected sex?

Both my partner and I got tested before having unprotected sex. Anyway, I’m avoiding the pill at the moment as it makes me nauseated. My boyfriend is 24 years older than I and has grown up kids from previous marriage. I told him I’m going to start the pill but he said don’t do it for him.... the thing is we use the pull out method so he never comes in me. Is he not afraid of getting me pregnant? He’s really successful so it wouldn’t matter if I did, however I myself definitely don’t want to be pregnant... 

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    Sweetie, "the pull out method" IS NOT birth control, it is penis roulette. I am shocked you could be that ignorant.

    Also, all successful men do not remain successful, so don't ride a baby out on that assumption. Silly.

    Use birth control. This guy is going through a mid life crisis. You have e your whole life ahead of you to think about. Do you really want to raise a baby by yourself? That dude already raised a family and probably has children of your own generation.

    Don't be a naive love struck girl.

    Be a responsible adult and use real birth control, not some immature high-school pull out method rumor. Good Lord, wake the hell up, would you please?

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    good god grow up will ya???

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     Sound’s like he’s itching for more children I’d say zxjqk

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    Your partner sounds like an absolute waste of a human being. Not respecting your needs and desires is the number one reason to absolutely cut that person straight out of your life.

    24 years is a crazy huge gap... especially if you're still young enough to still be worried about pregnancy. Like, if you were 50 and he was 74 that's one thing, but I bet you're in your early twenties and he's in his mid to late 40s. I don't know him and I shouldn't speak ill of people I don't know but I would bet money that he's not a very good person and you can do way better.

    If he's ok with unprotected sex when you aren't then he doesn't actually care about you.

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  • 2 months ago

    You didn't specify individual ages, but 24 years is a sizeable gap to me, financially, psychologically, etc.  Is he psychologically "finished" with his previous marriage??  You might be "competing" with a previous woman.

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    Just for the record, pulling out is NOT a birth control method. Just the opposite~ that is the perfect way to get yourself pregnant. It makes no odds if he is absolutely POSITIVE that he pulled out in time, there is sperm in precm and I can 100% guarantee he will never know if that escaped. You might as well start buying diapers now if you are counting on that to not get you pregnant. If you don't want a baby and cannot use the pill, then he has to wear a condom. 

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    2 months ago

    If you do NOT want to get pregnant - use Birth Control.

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    If you allow him to have unprotected sex using the pull out method, and you're not on the pill, it's an invitation for pregnancy. The pull-out method is extremely ineffective as his precum is swarming with sperm cells. As successful as he is, he may not be a good choice.

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    And we the internet at large are going to know how?

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    Pregnancy is a result of sexual intercourse- and not all contraceptive methods are 100% guaranteed. It will be you having a child, not him! You will have to look after it if he decides to leave you for someone younger.

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