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So I am writing a medieval romance ?

Time: around 1500

Place: Bristol, England

About: a peasant who made a ladies maid of the Lady of the manor and then the Lady liked her so much that she promoted her to be a lady in waiting and the peasant is in love with a guard who the Lady and Lord took in when hew as a child. Any ideas of what could happen (where they don't all die) 


This is not a non-fiction and can you guys give me some slack I am only a teen ugh!

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    Every romance has to follow a basic structure to qualify as a romance. Just put these steps into your setting and characters:

    They meet

    They fight or dislike one another, for valid reasons

    They try and resist the obvious sexual or romantic attraction

    They become intimate in a moment of vulnerability, usually hers

    They almost break up

    They realize they were meant to be together

    The End

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    Great....keep it up

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    It seems I may have missed an earlier episode, but I simply don't understand what this means: "a peasant who made a ladies maid of the Lady of the manor". As it stands, it says that the peasant turned the Lady of the manor into a 'ladies maid'. This is nonsense.

    I almost hope you're pulling our leg. If YOU don't have "any ideas of what could happen" then you don't have a story, and if you don't have a story, why are you wasting your own time as well as ours?

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    have a little faith in the guard...  He's always on guard... Does it matter if everyone loves him a little...???  or not at all...  he is always on guard... thx

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    You need to do some research into the time period.   For starters peasants would not have been employed as ladies-in-waiting. 

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    Just a suggestion, but your really should spend some time improving your English first.

    Then spend some time researching life in the 1500s.

    Then read a lot of well-written novels, paying careful attention to how they form plots, etc.

    Then draft out your plot, which has to ALL come from your own imagination.

    Good luck!

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    Around 1500 - right, so not medieval then.

    No, you're not in Bristol. The Lady of the Manor lives on the Manor which will be in the country, which is also where peasants live, so none of them will be in a town.

    However, you did say the peasant girl was the daughter of a potter who had his own shop, so she isn't actually a peasant (words *mean* something). As the daughter of a well-to-do tradesman she could never be a lady in waiting (they would be ladies of not much lower rank than the Lady of the Manor) but she wouldn't be a maid at the Manor either. She would live at home with her family (in Bristol if you insist) until her father found her a husband.She could, just, while living at home and helping her mother meet and fall in love with a handsome soldier who comes to Bristol with his Lord when he pays a visit to his cousin, or whatver. They could see each other in church on Sunday when both families go to Mass. But if he was 'taken in' by the Lord when he was a child, presumably he has no family and no prospects...a prosperous tradesman would be looking for something better.

    You can take it from there.

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    What happened to the baron's daughter?

    The ruler is Henry VII and Bristol is a seaport and trading port. Henry took England from Richard III in 1485 and he has had to fight battles against disgruntled Plantagenet adherents, so Bristol may be a fortified town - definitely a place a spy would find interesting. Your characters are living at the turn into the 16th century, and those of us over 30 found out that the change of centuries can be hopeful, exciting, scary, and nerve straining. Columbus discovered unknown exotic islands eight years earlier and King Henry has or will commission John Cabot to find what he can find further north. The marriage of Katherine of Aragon to Prince Arthur will happened next year.  Anything you can write using those facts?  Read about the history of Bristol and note what may be promising material.

    Your characters grew up in the same area. How well do they know each other? What do they think of each other? How old are they when the story begins? Does he show off to impress her, but she's not impressed? Or does he think she's a stuck up brat or a little sister?

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