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Why Jimmy Graham The Current Chicago Bear Had Some History With Milestone Records In His Career Starting With The New Orleans Saints?

First Jimmy Graham Becoming The First New Orleans Saint In History With 1,000 Receiving Yards In A Season By A Tight End Plus Jimmy Cracked Every New Orleans Saints Record From Most Receptions In A Season Then Tied The Saints Football Record For The Most Touchdowns By A Tight End In A Season And Maybe 2nd All Time In The Most Receiving Touchdowns Plus Most Receiving Yards In A Single Season Record Category And Since Jimmy Became A Seattle Seahawk His Same Milestone Records Dominated DAMN! (Ask Cu Tie)


*As Of 2020

Update 2:

And For New Orleans Saints Fans Current New Orleans Saint Michael Thomas Had Some Receiving Prowess Than Former Saint Jimmy Graham 

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    Jimmy Graham is living proof of just how great a quarterback Drew Brees is. Graham performed at an elite level when he had Brees at quarterback, but struggled when he left Brees and the Saints. It's not like his quarterbacks after Brees were minced meat. Graham played with Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers, but was not able to produce with them.

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