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is god really playing games witrh me Because my phone got almost disabled and water damaged from snot, just when i looked for apartment?

i have severe bad luck


before i searched my phone was okay. just as SOON as i tried to leave

this has happened many times .

a tree fell in front of me from thunderstorm as i was walking to my lyft back in 2018

Update 2:

no the timing is too much. 

also the scar. the mirror. All is some how connected.

WHy was my phone working and then MIRACOLOUSLy it got disabled yesterday?

Update 3:

not fully disabled. But 15 minutes.

:[ i have so much sadness like this

THE TIMING JC. this is not ******* funny

Update 4:

if u think im trolling i send one of the trolls here a photo. that why im saying DONT TROLL ME

Update 5:

why NOW????????? Can someone explain this WHY NOW??

Update 6:

sorry but u see why i have genuine reasons :[ i dont have it EASY. at all

Update 7:

as sooon AS called, MY PHONE MAGICALLY!!!!! disabled. WTF

Update 8:

mind u itwas working ....:( this **** is just too much.

someone has done black magic on me

Update 9:

thats why pleaze dont troll me.

2 Answers

  • n2mama
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Please go back on whatever meds you stopped taking. This is incredibly scattered and random.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes, god is playing games with you. Has no time for 7.6 billion others, only you.

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