Should I clarify this with him by letting him know how the other guy got my pic ? ?

I’ve been talking to an old college crush of mines . We are just friends but I am really interested in him and I know that he does find me attractive because he revealed it to me before . We both have an acquaintance in common and we were talking about that person the other day over the phone . He was laughing because I was explaining to him that he doesn’t get the hint on certain things such as me telling him I’m not interested at all in him.  At the end of the convo that same acquaintance texted me a couple of times . I thought it was funny so I screenshot the texts and sent it to my friend crush saying : speaking of the devil. A day later I regretted doing that because I feel that the screenshot texts made it look like I gave this guy pics of me which I did not . He only has a pic of me on his phone because of my WhatsApp profile pic which is public . I don’t want my crush to think that I sent the guy I am supposedly annoyed with pics because then it looks like I like the attention hahaha . Should I clarify that or leave it alone and let him think what he wants . By the way he never responded to the text of the screenshot . Maybe I’m over analyzing or maybe I turned him off . I’m ok with him not responding but I just feel weird that he may have gotten the wrong impression of me. I sent my crush a pic before because I asked him for one and he asked that we trade a pic for a pic. I don’t want him thinking I just send out pics to anyone :(

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  • 2 months ago

    Since you asked.... when someone sends me screenshots of another person's personal communication to them, in ridicule and disparage, I view that as such disregard and disrespect to the sender of the initial txt that I know RIGHT OFF that the person who forwarded their txt to me is untrustworthy and I will not assume anything other than whatever I send them is open to the world for ridicule or whatever personal use that person decides is more important to them than being civil or respectful to me. If they'd disrespect someone else in making ridicule.... there is NO reason to assume they'd not do the same to me. I'll remain friendly in person, maybe, but any written communication is over. Perhaps the impression he got is similar to the one I'd have.  

  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    Nah. The damage has already been done in that this guy now knows that you're the type who'll reveal his private texts to other people. It's never a good look to mock others in this way. You've revealed yourself to be not a very nice person. 

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