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Is it ok to not work out and only eat healthy. And is it ok to not be a muscular girl?

I weigh 155 and I'm 5'2. My doctor said 130 would be a good weight. I know I am chubby but that's because I gained weight eating too much ice cream (lol). But generally eating normal foods my metabolism is pretty good. I don't want to start working out because I do not enjoy it. I want to learn how to cook and make vegetables taste better and lose weight through diet only. If I go to the gym and get down to my desired weight I wouldn't want to keep going so I feel like that is bad to do. Is it ok to just be a healthy weight and not much muscle? 

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    No, not really.  You're mixing up two very different things.

    1. Weight loss and management is 80% diet.  You do not need to workout in order to lose weight or maintain an healthy weight.  You do need to learn how to fuel your body within the calorie maximum your body uses each day.  That means swapping out low-nutrient foods for high-nutrient foods and managing portion sizes.

    2. Overall health requires a combination of cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and flexibility/agility.  As you age, not being physically fit will result in your inability to do things you want/need to do.  That doesn't mean you have to become a gym rat or  fitness nut.  You should start to find activities that you can enjoy whether it is riding a bike, doing yoga, playing tennis, hiking, or dancing.  There are so many different types of workouts, that there are plenty of options to keep your body functioning properly.  

    3. It is fine not to be muscular. The key is have the muscle strength to do what you want to do.  For example, can you get a roll-aboard suit case into the overhead bin or  mow your lawn or get a bag of dog food into the back of your car? Can you walk around a museum or amusement park all day?  Are your core muscles strong enough for you to keep your balance? Think functional ability rather than bodybuilding for the way you look.

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    Being active/exercising IS part of overall good fitness AND can help maintain a healthy weight due to the additional calories burned, however since what you eat (your diet) is 80% of weight loss/maintenance, exercise doesn't have to be part of it from that standpoint. Your diet plays a much bigger part than the gym.


    The recommended weight range for a 5'2" female is 109 - 127 lbs per the source calculator, depending on body frame size. Some people can be slightly over or under the recommended range and still look fine and be a healthy weight.  Most females are not muscular, although muscle is a GOOD tissue to have because it causes the metabolism to be faster (which means a person can consume more calories without gaining weight). 

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    You are the one that determines what you like about yourself if you rely on what others think its a useless endeavour.

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