My boss will get randomly rude (little emotional outbursts) but then try to compliment me afterwards when she sees I get quiet and offended.?

So my manager is taking hormones (shes told us), transitioning from male to female. It isn't just me but my coworkers also agree, she comes into work some days and you can sense she is annoyed (its also a retail job and the holidays are approaching which is stressful, I totally get it). I just feel like I have to always walk around eggshells when my manager is in. I try to do my job right but she seems to always micromanage an nit-pick every little thing, and sometimes, usually when others aren't around, If i ask a question she will answer like I am stupid, shes also has gotten annoyed very easily (more emotional like), snaps very easily. There were times where when she does that I just agree, stay quiet and walk away. Then 3 minutes later she'll kiss my butt and try to compliment me and ask if I want any coffee.. (it's been happening a lot lately). I'm getting sick of it but I don't know what to do. What would you do if you were me. 

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  • yay
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    2 months ago

    I've worked for managers like that who weren't taking hormones. Some people aren't good at dealing with anger and stress in a healthy way, and they snap at random moments. If you can deal with it and the money is good, stay where you are. Otherwise, look for something else.

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