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Pregnancy due date?

Me and my husband are going to start trying to get pregnant. I have an app that tells me when I am fertile and ovulating. It says I am ovulating Nov 30 I was reading on how they calculate your due date and it makes no sense. It says it is calculated by your last period. My last period was Nov 13 I have a 30 day cycle,  but I was not pregnant and am still not pregnant. I went on a website to calculate my due date and it says congrats you're 1 week pregnant based on my last period.  Why do they calculate it that way instead of by your missed period. 

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    Because in order for you to miss your period, you must already be pregnant and thus, calculating it from that time would be inaccurate... I had been trying to conceive too but every time I followed the apps Ovulation Time frame, it never worked... then my sister in law recommended I had sex the day after my period ends and I tried it... and surprisingly, I ovulated early... I got pregnant that day. therefore, by the time I got a missed period, I was already 4 weeks pregnant. 

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    Before technology gave doctors the ability to scan for pregnancy - the ONLY thing that was actually KNOWN was the date of the last period.  (not every woman correctly tracks the date their next period would be "late" - but most women can tell you the date of their ACTUAL last period.)

    In order for doctor's to give their patients a timeline for a due date, the ONLY measurement they had to go on was the last period.  They also knew that babies usually arrived about 40 weeks after the date of the last period.

    Even with modern medicine, this method of measuring the "weeks" of pregnancy has not changed.  

    BTW - your APP is only GUESSING that you will ovulate at that point based on PAST PATTERNS.  Your ACTUAL ovulation during any cycle could be a little early or a little later than what the APP is predicting.  Sperm can live for up to five days and wait for your egg.  Sex before the ovulation date helps make sure sperm is there when the egg arrives.  Once ovulation happens, the egg only lives 12 to 24 hours.

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    The first day of the last period Is a date that is more likely to be known than the date of conception. Even if a woman only had sex once during the previous cycle, conception can happen up to five days afterward.

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    Because few women know precisely when they ovulated/conceived, but most can remember with reasonable accuracy when their last period was.

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