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Should I be worried about my mom? She says things that are entirely made up, then insists it’s a figure of speech?

For example I am looking at apartments and she assumed I signed a year lease sight unseen.  When I told her I had no idea what she was talking about she insisted it was a figure if speech and that I will understand when I’m older.  Could this be a mental health concern? She gets extremely agitated when I tell her she is making something up and acts like I’m dumb for not getting some unrelated interpretation out of it.  


What I meant was, she assumed I signed a lease without seeing the place.  This never occurred, I never said I was going to do so.  I asked her why she assumed I had signed the lease since I never said I had, she said that it was a figure of speech. 

The conversation went:

Mom:”why did you sign the lease without seeing it?!”

Me:”I didn’t sign a lease???”


Update 2:

I am aware that she is misunderstanding.  The problem is, any time I point out she is misunderstanding something she gets extremely defensive and insists she gave the “correct” answer but in a way that was over my head. 

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  • I think mom needs to see a doctor and find out if she is suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia.  

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    You're old enough to get yourself an apartment... time to stop worrying about what Mom means or why she put things a certain way or if her acting parental means she has some sort of a mental health concern. Focus on your own choices. 

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    Apparently she believed you had signed the lease, it's called a misunderstanding, i is the result of piss poor communication from both parties. Although the way this question is asked it's like you think miscommunications like this are the result of one person, not you.

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    What was a figure of speech? “Sight unseen”? 

    Asking if you saw the apartment in person and read the contract is a valid question.

    Sight unseen is a valid and common phrase. 

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