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My kids have a big nabi tab.  This is their 4th one.. each.  They are very expensive and discontinued, so I was excited to see a cheap one that people were bidding on.  It was under $80 and I waited till the last second and was too slow.  Anyway, my kids are non-verbal autistic and the tablets help them tremendously.  The charging is crap and they don't last very long.  The thing is, there isn't too many left.  Maybe one good one that I have seen.  The rest are for parts.  I need to find huge tablets that isn't over $500 each.  The smallest around 20".  I don't even think they exist but I am asking anyway.  If someone can please direct me, It will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much and happy holidays!  

One more thing, if there isn't any, is it possible to use a monitor or tv as a touchscreen somehow?  


Thank you so much, Anonymous!  I just found one on Amazon.  You have no idea how much you have helped me.  Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

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    There are several brands of desktop monitors available with touch screen and compatible with Windows 10, starting at around $200 for a 21 inch 1080p. 

    Idea: if you look for models with VESA hardware on the back you can remove the stands and hang them on swivel arms to bring them closer to the chair.

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