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Face mask causing blisters?

It’s getting worse now, at first it was just starting out as a few spots whenever I wear one and I could cope with that but now it’s giving me blisters on my lips and it’s giving me horrible spots/lumps that are starting to bleed without me even touching them. I’ve used so many different face washes, creams and different material masks but nothing works. I can’t be exempt because my face literally bleeding is not a good enough excuse and I can’t just not wear one because I’m too broke to be getting fined. I get that wearing one is to protect others but at what point is it okay to start taking my own health into consideration? my face is in constant pain and it’s now bleeding and blistering and I don’t know what to do anymore, I can’t avoid going out because I have to shop and I don’t have an option for online shopping and I also have to take my brother to school. I just don’t know what to do anymore and it’s starting to affect me mentally bc the pain and bleeding is horrible, as well as the insecurity. Sorry for rambling I’m just so lost at this point :(

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    Wash the masks, which I assume are cotton, in a non bio detergent. Rinse and rinse again. Hopefully that will help.

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