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Is caffeine every morning bad for you?

So I have meds I take at night that cause drowsiness, and it sometimes carries over to the mornings. I've solved that with a can of caffeinated diet soda (because coffee is nasty), but is that a bad habit to get into? Because caffeine is a drug, and it is addictive...? I know a huge chunk of the population has their morning coffee, but are there side effects? Like if you miss a soda, will you be even more tired like withdrawal symptoms?

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    Soda is way worse for you than a cup of coffee - coffee actually has some health benefits in moderation. Soda - none and the phosphoric acid is killer on your stomach and teeth. I have been drinking coffee every morning for most of the last 40 years - hasn't killed me yet.

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    What can happen is you just keep pushing down your adenosine till it floods back. That's when you drink a vente espresso and still fall asleep where you stand. If you have the luxury, you end up sleeping clear through a weekend when you stop, but that's necessary for functioning as well as for the caffeine to have much of an effect.

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    Caffeine for breakfast has been used by billions for generations. 

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