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How did warfare advancements among the major global powers in the twentieth century lead to the emergence of big science?

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    Are you familiar with the 1960s movie "Dr. Strangelove?"

    In it a rogue American Air Force general orders a nuclear strike on Russia by convincing the bombers and base under his command that the USA has been attacked.  Doing so activates a strict security protocol that cuts off all communication with the outside world.  The bombers cannot be recalled from their mission unless they receive a secret code known only by the base commander.

    To avoid all-out nuclear war the President orders the U.S. Army to make contact with the base and arrest the general.  The men on the base, however, have been convinced that the USA has been "invaded" an put up a heavily armed resistance.

    The commander kills himself to avoid capture, but his plan and the secret recall code is discovered by his bumbling adjutant who then must convince the assaulting Army officer that a) he was not part of the conspiracy and b) must contact the Pentagon immediately

    There is a humorous exchange where the Army commander informs the young officer that he has no way to contact the Pentagon directly and suggests using a payphone on the wall.  The officer, however, has no change and the operator refused to connect a "collect" call.  He then must beg the soldier to shoot open a Coca Cola vending machine to retrieve enough change to place the call.

    The movie was a satirical comedy, but it did cause enough concern within government for Congressional hearings to be called to determine if such an act were possible.  Although the overall premise was determined to be fantasy, the "telephone scene" did expose some real flaws in the military's communications protocols, specifically how to ensure "top to bottom" communication if telephone lines were cut and radio signals were interrupted.

    The Congressional committee directed the Pentagon to develop a communications network with built in redundancies to ensure unbroken contact throughout the command hierarchy, one that existed beyond the traditional telephone and radio infrastructure.

    The result of that research and development was the foundation of the Internet as we know it today....

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    The German advancements in rocket science lead to the Space Race after WW2 between the US and the Soviet Union and landing men on the moon. Both countries got German rocket scientists after the war.

    The US advancements in building the atomic bomb during WW2 lead to nuclear powered submarines and nuclear power stations many countries still use today. 

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