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Is this technically harrassment?

I live in a group and my old roommate, who is now in the next county over, got his herpes test results back today. He's positive. He dated a woman for 3 weeks. They knew each other at a day treatment program through our state's mental health place. After three weeks of kissing him, she upnand tells him she has herpes. He breaks up with her on the spot. And she called him "5 or 6 times" (leaving voicemails) calling him "b*tch" and "motherf*cker". I haven't heard the voice-mail, so I can't gauge the emotional charge behind them. But she was very angry and cussed him out for breaking up with her after she tells him she had herpes and knowingly kissed him. We live in Alabama.

He told me he asked the police if he could file charges, and it appears to me that they aren't going to do anything.

BTW, I do realize the best he can hope for is a warrant for her arrest. But here in Alabama, or at least in my county, they won't actively look for people. She'll just be arrested if she does something illegal and they see her warrant.

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    He could file a report but she might be charged under Alabama Code Title 13A. Criminal Code § 13A-11-8 but it would be very hard to prove and even if she was found guilty no jail time would be involved as under Alabama Code Title 13A. Criminal Code § 13A-5-12 it would be a Class C misdemeanor,which is a fine not more than $500

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    The burden of proof is very high - I see no reason for an address.

    Perhaps handicapped people should use more discrection?

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    It would depend on the law in your state. In Texas, just six calls would not constitute harassment. He could ask that they contact the woman and tell her not to contact him anymore. If she did then after that, it could be harassment.

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