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What type of nickname is the black mamba for Kobe Bryant?

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  • David
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    2 months ago

    A self-proclaimed one.  He give it to himself.  A black mamba is a deadly, venomous snake.  Apparently that's what he thought he was on a basketball court.

  • 2 months ago

    It is actually one he gave himself.... if that alone doesn't give some insight into Kobe's personality then the reasons he chose it should.

    The black mamba is one of the deadliest snakes in the is also one of the most fearsome, with the ability to grow over 10 feet long and still move faster than some four-legged creatures.

    Kobe idolized Michael Jordan to an almost obsessive degree and patterned many aspects of his game and public persona after him.  He only wanted to be known as "Kobe" in much the same way Jordan was instantly recognizable even when referred to as "Michael" or just "Mike."  He wanted to be known as the same kind of fierce machine on the court and smooth cat with the million-dollar smile off court.

    But all that changed when rape allegations were raised against him in 2003.  His "Mr. Clean" image was shattered as he fought the rape charges but admitted to affairs and "flings" with star struck fans.  Advertisers began to shun him and his carefully-created public persona was derailed.

    Jordan often talked about how his winning attitude sometimes sprang from a place of anger and victimhood.... how his championship  drive was, in some ways, a big "F-you" to all that ever doubted him and how he sometimes manufactured a "me against the world" mindset to keep that fire burning.

    Kobe being Kobe picked up on that trait as well.  Knowing that he was never again going to be the subject of Saturday morning cartoons and musical Gatorade commercials, Kobe became The Mamba.  He decided if the world was going to treat him like a snake and monster, then he would aspire to be the deadliest and most feared.

    It was his way of not only motivating himself to get through the adversity of his own creation, but to gain back that thing he craved most -- total control of his public image and persona. In becoming the Mamba, Kobe ceased to be an "MJ impersonator" and instead became something darker, but with its own identity.

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