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If the age of majority was rightfully 21 what punishment would an 18 year old get for vandalizing a building with swastikas?


You and I both know being rewarded in a hotel is different, Nekkid Truth.

Update 2:

Yes, but there's no rape, no jail bars, no solitary confinement, no gangs.

Update 3:

It's like a hotel as in it's not a real prison, more like a school you don't leave at the end of the day. Prove me wrong with facts and pictures if you want me to shut up about this.

Update 4:

How do you know they have no beds, cable, or pools? 

Update 5:

Hopefully he can infect that community with COVID or something else while doing community service for those roaches. 

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    The same punishment that they would get NOW.   Changing the age of majority wouldnt change a thing.

    JV is NOT a hotel.

    Theres no cable, theres no pool, no fancy beds.

     Yes there IS rape, violence, bars and solitary confinement.

    JV is EXACTLY like adult prison.. The ONLY difference being that the prisoners are kept on a tighter schedule and madr to continue schooling and lessons.

    They have bunk beds with thin cheap mattresses.

    I know because I knew a kid who was in JV for 6 months.  The time spent there BROKE him..  

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    He should have to serve community service in the Jewish community and paint houses and do repairs to Jewish houses. That would be the appropriate punishment

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    Same punishment as yesterday, the day before, the day before that.

    Vandalism.  WHERE makes a difference.

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    Well since most hate crimes are committed by the victim, the punishment would be favorable media attention and money through a GoFundMe account.

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