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Would anybody be so nice as to compile a list (of what you know) of gmo foods we eat or unnatural foods in general. Even one food is appreci?

I want to compile a list just to see the extent to which we don’t eat natural... for example, I believe nearly all rice is genetically modified, corn, etc... 

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    Pretty much all of the plants that we eat have been selectively bred.

    The same is true for plenty of the animals we eat (cattle, turkeys, chicken, pig especially).

    Natural foods would include plenty of seafood.  Lobsters, crabs, Pacific salmon, and most fish are wild caught.

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    As JazSinc notes, wild-caught seafood is really the only food we consume that has not been selectively bred.

    As far as genetically engineered foods, these are mostly major row crops - things like corn, soybeans, canola, sugar beets, etc. There are a handful of "specialty crops" that have GE varieties available, including some papayas, some apple varieties, and a few others. But most fruits and vegetables are not GE. 

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    Define what you mean by "unnatural". Virtually nothing we eat is identical to the version found in the wild.

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