What is the best option for Immortality ? Genetic Engineering/CRISPR? Or Transhumanism?

Positives For Gene Editing Immortality, longevity, while young, can eat, breathe, feel human. 

Negatives : Need to eat, breathe,sleep, can still easily be killed

Positives For Transhumanism : Robotic/metallic body, durable, no aging, eating, breathing

Negatives if you transfer your consciousness is it truly you? or just a clone? Feel less human, because no need to eat breathe or sleep.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    None of those. These are temporary. True Immortality 

    can only be accomplished through Spiritual-Transfiguration. 

    In order to be a saint and rise from the dead, 

    you have be to able to master used of Holy-Fire. 

    Saints use it to channel angels and cast out 

    demons; work with councils in Hollow-Earth;

    perform miracles and develop Oneness with Christ. 

    Service is also a key aspect for the Initiate. They 

    have devoted their lives to the betterment of Earth. 

    All humans who have ever risen from the 

    and become Immortal followed these steps.

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