How to break the ice with a cute stranger?

There’s a guy that works at a store I shop at frequently and I think he’s super attractive and he’s also so sweet. Anyways, I believe that he likes me or also thinks I’m attractive. I don’t like to use the term “like” because we don’t know each other. But my question is, what are good icebreakers or what should I say to him that’ll determine whether or not he IS interested? I don’t mind making a first move because there can be many reasons why he doesn’t and also because there’s no laws that say I can’t. I’m just looking for a subtle yet flirty way to either let him know I’m interested or some sort of question that’ll get the ball rolling. Please, nothing like “You’re sexy” “I like you” or anything else upfront like!

1 Answer

  • You're almost there; you get 9/10 for avoidance of the word 'like' and because you've managed to ditch the mentality that you must be chatted up first.  More points for going with something witty and funny as an icebreaker.  Doing well.

    You don't mention what kind of store it is (if it's a specialty shop you could ask him about his favourite part of working there or an open-ended question in that vein...picturing a record shop).  Go with something open-ended that will (hopefully) get him to think a bit and have to expand beyond the "yes/no" type answer.  "So, I hear you're the expert on (item that the store sells).  What would you recommend someone like myself consider buying?" in a slightly flirty voice should do the trick.

    Best of luck.

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