Why are Universities so paranoid about cheating?

In my class the professor literally said, "If you look anywhere but your own paper, we are going to treat it as full blown cheating with expulsion. If you look at the clock, you are cheating, if you look down at your backpack, you are cheating, if you look up at the ceiling to think, you are cheating..." We had a take-home test (that was not open book, notes, etc.) too, and the professor found out about people using Khan Academy, the internet, and Chegg to help them with understanding the material on their tests, and he literally threatened to fail every single person who did that (it was 3/4 of the class and he tracked them all down) and he would have the University take punitive measures against everyone. He was not joking either. He also said that students who came forward and admitted to their cheating got less of a punishment, but he would "throw the book at" the ones who didn't come forward, he also encouraged students to snitch out other students who were cheating and the students who snitched got much less punishment.

This is the only professor that I have had at this university who has been this anal about it. Most other professors were not that anal about it. All of their take-home exams were open book, and they said, "yeah, use any resource you want aside from a friend in the class", and unless you were blatantly looking at someone else's paper, you would not get in trouble for cheating.

Updated 4 days ago:

Even though this professor seems excessive, the policy of the University is equal to his reactions and rules. Most professors do not enforce the policy verbatim, but this guy does. Since the university itself has all of his rules in their policy, then that means that the University is paranoid as well.

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    2 months ago

    Well, it sounds like the university is not necessarily paranoid about this - just that professor is.  You even admit that your other professors are not like that.  So it's not a university issue.  It's a professor issue.

    But cheating is wrong.  And professors are well within their right to report it and impose consequences.  It's taking the easy way out, and it's stealing the work of others.  Someone who gets a degree by cheating their way through it makes the whole university look bad, so it's taken seriously.  

    This guy certainly sounds extreme though.  I give take-home exams sometimes with the expectation that students will use resources; that's usually the point - to see how well they can identify and use the appropriate resources. 

  • 2 months ago

    Um, that guy needs help, but I am not sure how he could find out about researching your take home test on the internet.

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