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Could I have std?! ?

Hello my name is Ben and I feel like I could have an std I gonna go check with a doctor as soon as I can but first just wanna see if I can hopefully get some relief by asking on here til then I’m a 17 year boy and the last time I had sex was over a year ago with my ex (it was  unprotected Yes)and she was the only person I had sex with and im sure I was her first too “because our first time was really bloody “ I’ve noticed about maybe 4-5 months that I have a kind of yellow ish Looking pimple on my penis it never really like hurt unless you literally but pressure on it and it didn’t even hurt for long or that much so I just thought it would go away and it did! I was excited at first but then soon realize another was growing on the left side while the first one was on the right and I just really wanna if this is sometime of std or something else if anyone can tell me what it is before I go to the doctor I will be super  grateful !

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Could be from thrush or yeast infection especially if it was her first time. But you’d have to be seen to get your answer 

  • 2 months ago

    The only sti that causes remotely a skin lesion sorta like this is herpes. The others like chlamydia and GC cause discharge or nothing.  Syphillis causes a painless ulcer at the start but it doesn’t keep returning. You will have to be seen to determine what this is.

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