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Oregon is outlawing AA and NA along drug rehabs?

Since Oregon has legalized all drugs including hard ones, by Friday November 27, the Governor of Oregon is singing an executive order banning AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) NA (Narcotics Anonymous) along with drug rehabs in the entire state of Oregon. “ They are repressive and intolerant organizations, they don’t represent values of the state and  exclusiveness to marginalize people” the Governor said. If AA and NA refused to shut down, will be arrested, fined or serve prison time. 

Welcome to the World of 1984!Today Oregon is a Narco State rule by drug lords. Today Oregon is rule by Despots. Today it’s a sad day for humanity, it’s time for members of AA and NA in America and the World come to the aid of those in Oregon. 

Stop Oregon evil act! 

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    Gov. Brown just put a stop to in person AA/NA meetings during the COVID-19 lockdowns, they aren't banned in perpetuity. But certain states struggle with how to incorporate Christian organizations like AA/NA into their overall tapestry of service groups precisely because of their religious overtones. Here in L.A. the most successful homeless outreach organization happens to be religious and run by a revered. The city refuses to support this or to incorporate its leader into their overall plans for the homeless just because of this conflict with religion. So one suspects Oregon's Governor has some of the same concerns. Taking the separation of Church and State thing so literally that it ignores the successes of religion based programs. 

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    1 - this is not true;

    2 - where do you get any of your opinions;

    3 - I have never heard the Governor of Oregon SING anything, but I am looking forward to the concert;

    4 - It's a State "rule," and so forth?

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    No such executive order exists.  IN fact, doing so and eliminating drug rehabs would make the new law entirely pointless, as that was the whole point of it existing in the first place.

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    Can you cite a source? This smells funny. 

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    Was involved in drugs for years. The joke was "need a new connection? Go to an NA meeting"

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