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Would this be a red flag or concerning ?

Been seeing my boyfriend for 3 months . I spend the weekends with him . When I leave he gets sad and tells me I don’t have to leave and to work home from his place. When I leave he looks super sad .

Then he messages me all day and tries not to. When I am with him he’s telling me days ahead how he doesn’t want me to leave and that he wants me in his home for good and how he wants to marry me .

If I need to run an errand or do something he wants to go lol.

He’s 37 by the way . He says he’s never felt this way before in the past .

He rubs and licks my feet . He watches me sleep and tells me how I smile in my sleep and constantly when I’m sleep I can hear him saying he loves me 

Red flags or normal ? 

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    Definitely a concern.  Time to have the "what's going on" chat.  There's the initial bit where people can be smitten but this is definitely a bit much.

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