How do i approach this situation with a girl? Too early to compliment her via text?

So im 27, shes 25. She works for my company but in a totally different department of the building. Shes a part-timer and i see her at work VERY rarely, about once ever 2 weeks. Its always a flirty smile & “hello” and i cant talk much cause her manager is next to her, i dont want to get her into trouble or distract her.

I found her on instagram. She followed me back. Shes single. Briefly went back and forth with a few casual messages (about work). Its slowed down cause Im not a big texter and i can tell that she isnt at all either. Due to rarely seeing her, i believe texting on instagram is my only option.

I was wondering if i should compliment her to show im interested, or is it too early for that? What should I do?

I was thinking:

1) “PS, sorry i know its random but I just wanna say, you are very attractive”

2) “Jen, i wish i had the chance to tell ya in person but you are very cute.”

Do you have any other ideas? I dont wanna sound too agressive, corny, clingy, or creepy!

Help please!

1 Answer

  • "While texting over Instagram is great, would love to chat over the phone if you're inclined. My mobile number is (insert your phone number).  Yours?"

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