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Do Catholics believe in and practice magic?

Back when I wanted to learn Latin my brother said it was because I'm a witch. Im not. I don't believe in magic. Anyway, Jake here is a Catholic, and said a Latin spell can battle evil spells. So what the hell is this then?


thanks, el nerdo. I qonder if I could anti-exorcise? Like summon a demon to make them possess someone.

Update 2:

thanks, user. I was actually trolling, but you gave too good a response.

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    Basically speaking:

    Christians might or might not believe in magic.

    There are probably some Christian denominations that teach that magic is real.

    As far as I know, the Roman Catholic Church does NOT teach that magic is real.

    I don't know of any denominations that teach that magic is NOT real, but there are probably some denominations that teach that as well.

    SO: any given Christian

    (with few exceptions)

    decides for themselves whether or not magic is real


    decides for themselves whether or not to "dabble" in magic.

    That being said:


    nearly UNIVERSAL

    Christian teaching is that dabbling in magic is SIN.

    The Roman Catholic Church is no exception in that regard.

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    2 months ago

    explain magic first.

    what it means , exactly...

    doubtful is my reply....

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    Spells can be battled using the Lorica of St. Patrick, which can be found online.  The Lorica of St. Patrick is a prayer and not a spell.  Praying in Latin enhances the efficacy of one's prayers as opposed to reciting them in the vernacular.

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    Priestcraft is definitely a form of magic, where incantations (Latin is best) magic water, magic smoke, oil and incense, ash, not to mention numerous inanimate objects like crosses, medals, rosary beads, brown scapulas, all play their part.. 

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    Many prayers and sacraments can look pretty close, but Christian tradition maintains a distinction between God's power and magic or witchcraft. 

    Source(s): Summoning demons: Magic. Exorcising them: Not magic, I guess.
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