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Why is Trump jealous of Obama?

He always was obsessed with reversing everything Obama did, including good policies. 

The Iran Nuclear Deal stopped Iran from refining uranium — Trump ripped it up and Iran is back to refining more uranium. 

Obama was tough on Kim Jong-un; Trump wrote Kim love letters and praised him.

Obama joined the Paris Agreement; Trump took us out of the Paris Agreement.

Trump deep down hates the fact Obama is more intelligent and articulate than he, and went to better schools. Trump has had 3 wives with multiple children with multiple infidelities. Obama has had the same wife with no infidelities. Trump can’t fathom a Black man being better than him and it burns him. Obama becoming President is why Trump ran for President. Now it burns him that Obama was re-elected while Trump is a one-term loser.

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    Because Obama is everything  Trump is NOT. 


    Happily Married

    Decent kids

    Nobel winner. 

    Respected the world over. 


    Actual self made man

    Top of his class. 

    TWO term President. 

    Favorability polls OVER 50% 

    Actually got things done...........

    I could go on forever. 

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    2 months ago

    Because Trump is mentally ill. Pathological envy is common among malignant narcissists/psychopaths; they can't stand people who they see as more successful. They will do everything they can to delegitimize and denigrate those who show more ability. Or they will try to steal credit, like Trump claimed credit for the stock market, when it showed seven straight years of gains before Trump took office. 

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    2 months ago

    Because Obama is respected and loved all across the world, something trump craved but could never have, and he's used to getting what he wants so his way to deal with it was to undo what Obama did.

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    2 months ago

    Obama roasted Trump on C-Span in 2011.  

    Source(s): I saw the video of it.
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    2 months ago

    Trump is a shallow, petty, vindictive pos.

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    2 months ago

    - Jealous? You can give up on finding reality.

    - Trump had good reason to trash the Iran nuke "deal". 

    - His decision has brought historic peace agreements to the Middle East. 

    - If Biden returns to the Iran agreement, all that will be trashed. 

    - Iran doesn't keep promises and hasn't since the first shah. 

    - The Paris accord had the US paying prohibitively while China paid little.

    - Biden will bow down and kiss Xi'sBalls to kill US manufacturing jobs. 

    - He'll gladly surrender to Xi whatever he demands of our new president.

    - If Paris gave us an accord where China paid everything and we just adjusted?

    - That would not only be overly just (since China pollutes most & profits most).

    - It would also work.

    - Sad you being a Trump-0-phobe and all.

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