Why some mainstream schools treat a student with learning disabilities compare to other students ?

I have experienced this before (this started from when I was in year 5) I have got learning disabilities and also I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when I was in year 5.


I have moved to 6 different schools ( I know it is a lot of schools I have gone to, 4 primary schools, 1 secondary/high school and a special needs school). Reasons why I moved to a different school because from 1st to 2nd primary school we had to move house because the area we use to live it was getting rough and the crime rate was getting high, 2nd to 3rd primary I needed extra help with education and speech (3rd primary school was a mixer with mainstream and special needs but they had separate class half the classes were mainstream and half were special needs and teachers there were amazing and they have helped me a lot ), from 3rd to 4th I was ready to go in the mainstream. Then I went secondary/high school up till October when I was in 10 I got transferred from mainstream to special needs school and the reasons why because I was getting bullied and my “new” SENCO (the old one was amazing)think that I wasn't coping with my GCSEs, I feel it was too late to transfer into another school as I had one more year left, it wasn't parents choice and it was new SENCO chance but the old one wouldn’t do that. 


From my 1st to 3rd primary school I was never treated differently, the kids treated me very well and they didn’t care who I am, I am still a human being and I still keep in touch with some of my 1st to 3rd primary school friends. The teachers treated me very well and they didnt treat me differently compared to other kids. 

Update 2:

This is when it all started when I was in year 5, everything went well when I first started, I can remember on my first day I didn’t expect having an adult (LSA-Learning Support Assistant) sitting next to me in class to give me extra support with my education and after christmas things started to change. 

Update 3:

I was been called an R word by boys and the boys have got me into trouble few times, 

Update 4:

when year 6 arrived the school organised to go on the trip to the Isle of Wight in the summer term for 4 days (monday to friday), my headmistress/principal told my mother that I wasn't allowed to go on the trip because 

Update 5:

1) No one will look out for me 2) there will be not enough staff to look after me but my mother was not happy what that headmistress/principal just said, my mother always say to me and my siblings that “it is up to you if you want to go on the trip, no one is forcing you” and my mother think kids with learning disabilities should always be involved on what sort of the school trips they go to especially going on a residential trip. 

Update 6:

It is not far for a child with learning disabilities who are missing out on these opportunities and take part. 

Update 7:

When I went to the O2 arena in London with the school choir for young voices I wasn't put into a group with a general teacher assistant or a teacher along with the kids, I was put with my Learning Support Assistant so she can look after me. I wasn’t allowed to go on sport events like netball, rounders, athletics and cross country eg. 


Update 8:

Year 6 was a horrible year for me. I was treated absolutely disgusting and badly by most of the kids in the class, I wanted to have a good day just like a normal kid but I always get the same episode. Two girls and one boy ask me that “are a Spaz” with a grin on their faces, If I accidentally done something wrong they have a go at me and when I'm in their way they told me to move instead of saying excuse me please (they say excuse me to other people but me) 

Update 9:

When the teacher asked us to get in with peers and partners I got left out alot and on school trips I had to sit alone, I just needed a friend and I was alone. On wednesday afternoons I was only doing stuff different compared to the other kids, sitting around and colour pages and writing words down as others were doing maths. 

Update 10:

When I went to secondary/high school whenever I got bullied or had problems with another student I could always go and report it to My SENCO. She will sort it out straight away.

Update 11:

When I was in year 8 I remember boys and girls mainly the popular ones invite all the kids around the school part from me and this girl who had a hearing aid (at the time) to 13th birthday parties( it was mainly in under 18s nightclubs and at the time that was when towie came out but this was back 2011-2012), I was only invited 2 birthday parties and I felt like I just wanted to be a normal teenager but I didn’t felt normal. 

Update 12:

In PE and other sort of activities in lessons I was let out and I had to sit alone. 

Update 13:

I got bullied from year 9- 6 weeks after I joined year 10 by boys who were a year below me, my senco left the school and had a new one join (she wasn't new, she was an english teacher) she did not do anything with the bullying, 

Update 14:

I had tried to tell head admissoner and other teachers that I was getting bullied but no one helped especially the boys phone me and text me during the summer without me know did they got my number the teachers did nothing and only one teacher was shocked (I had him 6 weeks before I left the school to be transferred to go to a special needs school) and he wants this bullying to be sorted.

Update 15:

I remember I kept getting upset and being left out, some of the teachers dont care if I was getting upset.

I dont understand why some schools (teachers and kids) treat kids with learning disabilities differently than to other kids, especially when it comes to bullying they don't care. They are humans and they are normal. 

Update 16:

Do you guys think kids with learning disabilities should take part in any activities, subjects and opportunities like other kids? 

Now I have left school back in 2015 and I have heard some stories that some school treat kids with learning disabilities differently compare to other kids.

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