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Are you tired of mainstream popular rapper always sounding like eachother?

the all rap the same, using the same trap beats, talking about the same stuff money, sex, girls, party, drugs, fame....theres no raps about being hardcore, lyrical, or struggles in the streets . 


litterally if a rapper has a song going "yo my is mad trifr, livin the life tryna to work a 9 to 5 i got da 9 just to survive" the radio would be like nah be more like the migos or young or something. "ya im trappin im rappin she shaking her booty im flashin my money and flexin my jewlery" yeah lets get u on da radio buddy! 

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    I am. I have mentioned this before. It is just so boring after a while. That is why I listen to youTube,sound cloud or other music sites. Even though on sound cloud a lot of Rappers sound the same. But there are some who are different. That is why I listen to music on web sites that I can search for what ever I want so I don't get stuck with the same thing over and over. I try to listen to a mixture of old school and new school. I am more of an old school fan though. There is a station In Boston Ma Where I live. If I do listen to the radio that is my go to station. It plays a lot of old school Hip Hop  I prefer websites though where I can pick what to listen to though.

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    Yeah I’m tired of it. That’s why I listen to differnt rappers from different subgenres to hear the more rough stuff. 

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