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Do you think America, as a nation and a people, has more light or darkness compared with most other countries?

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  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    There are only about seven nations that come anywhere close to the US in terms of massive population numbers and those are really the only ones we can compare ourselves to (because clearly much smaller nations tend to have much smaller problems). So within the 200 million plus club countries the US has less poverty, less human slavery and (believe it or not) less political corruption than most. This disconnect happens when people compare 330 million Americans to 36 million Canadians, 67 million Brits or 25 million Australians. Our real natural counterparts on this planet are China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil and Nigeria. Amongst those we actually don't look that bad. It's never made any sense at all to compare the US to any EU nation because those places would be hell holes too if they allowed their populations to explode into the hundreds of millions. 

  • 2 months ago

    America as a nation and as a people is a small delicate little light shining way off in the distance for many.  Some make it and find that light but more don't.  How do you compare that to other countries?  

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    We are the last shining light in the world.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Depends on the time of year, the Angle of the Earth and what part of the Country.

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