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Marathon running shoes ?

Hi, what are some good marathon shoes? I've never been in a marathon and I own a pair of Nike tanjun. What features should I be looking for in shoes? Any specific brand?

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    Even in one manufacturer, there are several different models of running shoes. Why are there so many models?  It's because there is variation in the needs of runners. The best shoe for one runner may be the worst choice for another.

    Yahoo! Answers isn't the best way to try to choose good running shoes. What you should do is go to a store specializing in serving runners -- A running store, and ask them. 

    Bring your current shoes, and ask them to look at the wear pattern. Tell them about your injury history. Ask for a gait analysis. That is, you get on a treadmill, and a video recording of your running is made. It's played back at a slower speed.

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    Talk to the knowledgeable sales people at your local running store. They will watch you walk/run  and determine what the best type of shoes are for your gait and biomechanics. Also, a lot of serious runners have training shoes and racing shoes (separately) because their racing shoes tend to be lighter. You'll need to talk that out with the folks at the running store too, to see if you want to train in the same shoes/type of shoes you'll run the marathon in OR if you'll want to train in one type of shoe and have a separate pair/type to use for races.


    Brands vary. My fave brands may not work for you. I like a cushy shoe with stability, but plenty of people don't want or need either of those attributes.

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