Why is the can italicized?

"Still, there are some individuals with ASD who can learn to drive, especially if given sufficient support."

This is from the website on ASD and learning to drive.

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    Because this site has an extremely negative view on autism. They are pointing out all of the reasons SOME people might have difficulty learning to drive and drive, but are alluding to all. Most people with higher functioning autism DO drive. They MAY get their licenses later. They MAY have more accidents than SOME others. But there is no reason to ASSUME a person with autism cannot drive.  So the CAN is italicized to allow for the fact that they can to emerge, but not be emphasized.  All these words in capials would be italized, if you could italicize here.?sed on this page alone I would not use this site as an authority on autism - it is ableist, narrow-minded, and harmful. 

  • 2 months ago

    The italics are for emphasis, making it clear that "some individuals with ASD" have that capability to learn to drive.

    I learnt to drive years ago, but I'm aware that my sensory issues (hypersensitivity to light) and the anxiety about other motorist's apparent inability to drive 'properly' (according the the Highway Code) make urban driving too stressful to be my preferred option when my local public transport system is pretty good.

    I'm much happier with motorways, I can plan ahead, I can position myself to allow impatient people to overtake easily, and I'm not having to worry about nearly as many people who think double yellow lines mean 'free parking, stop without signalling'. There's still plenty of bad drivers on motorways, but many of the problems of urban driving aren't present.

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