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Will I have cell phone reception on a plane?

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    2 months ago
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    usually no. you have to be on the ground where the radio towers can send signals to you.

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    The reason that they don't allow it is because they can make a fortune selling their own phone service.  When you think about their official reason "cell phone use can interfere with the safe operation of the aircraft", you have to think that if this were true, there wouldn't be any cell phones allowed in the cabin at all, which would be controlled by some kind of search you wouldn't want to be part of.  I would not want to bet my life that no one onboard the plane would disobey the don't use policy and I'm sure that the pilot and crew wouldn't want to bet their lives either.

  • garry
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    2 months ago

    hope so , yes thats why you have aircraft mode , so they wont interfere with the aircraft electronics . only taking off or landing you shouldnt use them .

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    Only on a few airlines where the aircraft itself is equipped with cell phone equipment.

    On any other commercial aircraft, the phone must be in aircraft mode from takeoff to landing - though you can enable bluetooth and wifi if needed, once the cabin crew say it's OK (usually while the plane is above 10,000ft).

    You can be fined for trying to use a phone on aircraft that do not have onboard facilities.

    It's not a danger to the plane, that's a myth - but it can easily overload the cell system, as phones in planes that try to connect to cell towers they can hear are in "line of sight" to hundreds of cells at the same time and the cellular system is not designed to work like that; many cells will try to respond and the system cannot determine which specific cell tower to use to link with that phone.

    Plus the phone is unlikely to actually work as it's receiving garbled signals from dozens of sources at the same time.

    On aircraft equipped with an onboard cell system, there is a also a low power "jammer" that broadcasts radio noise & prevents any onboard phones receiving ground-based cells, so they never try to connect to anything outside the aircraft & there is no interference with normal cells.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Phones have to be off.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    Normally no, if you mean a commercial flight. If you mean a private small plan (8 seats or less), maybe, depending on the flight plan and how close the flight is to cell towers. 

    I have used my cell phones over the years, on small planes, when near cell towers. 

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    2 months ago

    no if you do it you will be arrested

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