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Child abuse ?

Do victims of child abuse and neglect sometimes make the children become abusers growing up

Is this is how personality disorder form

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    We are all born as relatively clean slates.

    If a child lives with neglect and abuse they learn very poor coping skills and few good life skills.  Thus these poor skills stay with them for a lifetime.

    Parents should be teachers and mentors as well as loving their children.

    Remember, Children LEarn What They Live With!

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    It messes up their minds for the rest of their lives. 

    Even if they are not aware of it.

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    In a way yes.

    Victims of abuse who have become abusive themselves are usually completely unaware that they’ve switched roles, so deeply do they see themselves as victimized, disempowered, small, abandoned and unloved. They essentially still see themselves as child-victims, and this can result in them neglecting or lashing out at their actual children.

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