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Why is the US so religious?

As someone from Europe, it always struck me how religiously fervent Americans seem to be 

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    America was founded on pursuing religious freedom, which Europe didn't afford.  Americans understand that religious faith is what makes a nation strong and unified, as secular societies fall apart in relative short spans of time.  America is unique because our founding documents are, essentially, 'spiritual' in nature; recognizing that our rights are unalienable and are not granted by the "state", but by our 'Creator' (by whatever name we call Him).  

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    In Europe, every country has its official religion, sometimes more than one.  Taxes are collected from you to pay for your State-sponsored churches.  So naturally, you are likely to leave that sort of thing to the government, which after all knows best.

    Here in the USA, we have NO official religion.  Our tax dollars don't go to churches.  If we want to worship, it is our own choice.  We can try different churches and some people even start their own.  Not just churches, but temples, covens, mosques, and every kind of worship setting.  The churches are not corrupted by government officials, nor is the government corrupted by the influence of the official religion.  Of course religions and the government have some influence on each other, but in the free and normal manner, based on the positions of the citizens. It's much more satisfactory.

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    The first settlers here were the Puritans and Pilgrims escaping religious persecution in the Old World. 

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    When you say Europe you really mean parts of urban areas of western Europe. You don't mean Turkey, Poland, Russia, Spain, Vatican City which are part of Europe. You also don't mean Muslims in places like London and Paris.

    Now with that said I want you to rethink your question. Is is possible that generalizations don't work?

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    It's not.  There is a sizable group of noisy people who claim to be Christians but many of them are, in fact, not.

    Source(s): The New Testament (recommended reading)
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    It's only religious in the poorer and less educated areas.

    The more educated and wealthy people in the Northwest and Northeast aren't very religious.

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    Religion is a big problem here in Idiot America. For example, we have a never-ending Christian war against teaching evolution. Also, most of our biology teachers don't know anything about biology.

  • That's a bit of myth.

    Religious participation has been steadily declining in America for decades.

    What makes America different is that our Republican Party has co opted a particularly deranged, authoritarian, anti intellectual form of Christianity that in actuality doesn't represent all that many people.

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    God has truly blessed us, we acknowledge that.

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    Probably primarily because the country got settled in large part by religious people fleeing persecution.  A self-selection: religious people tended to choose to move to America to be free in practicing the religions they felt strongly about.  So, we got a lot of those folks. Now we have their descendants.

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