Who are some Rappers to listen to and to study?

They don't have to be ones you like. They can be any that you feel would be cool to study. Rap groups are welcome as well.

I would like to study

Where they came from and the impact it had on them.

The messages in some of thier songs.

How long they have been Rapping.

How many singles they have.

The type of Rap they do.

Those who are in groups but also solo Rappers I would like to see if they are better on a group or better solo.

Some of the beef they had with other Rappers and the impact it had on thier music.

What year they started Rapping and which year they stopped or if they are still Rapping since they started.

Thier net worth and the impact it has on thier music.

How thier music has changed over the years for those who have been Rapping a long time.

Among  other things. Those are just examples of some of the stuff I would like to study on them.

Also if you have more ideas to study let me knoq.



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