what shall i do about my thumbnails?

due to very bad nerves, i have abused my thumbnails for years, biting them off, excessively filing over the top of them...and now they are thin and torn, cracks in them and look deformed...im a man in my 40s.

what shall i do? is there any special advice you can give me? thankYOU.

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  • drip
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    2 months ago
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    A good manicure. Get them in the best shape they can be at the moment. They will trim your cuticles and get the nails in shape for you. 

    Rubbing a drop of olive oil across the cuticles and nails a couple of times a day.

    Use gloves when washing the dishes.

    Drink lots of water.

    This hand lotion is great.. Really works well.

    Rub it on your hands, across the nail bed and over the tip of you thumbs.  I have had bleeding crack on the sides of my thumb that this healed almost over night. 

    You are going to need to grow in healthy  nails. That could about four months. 

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