What could dark matter be or may be made up from?

Well some people say it could be non-baryonic, axions , sterile neutrinos , or WIMPs.... Why is it taking scientists so long to find dark matter? 

Why they don’t know what dark matter is or probably made up from? And is it more likely it is axions or WIMPs or some thing else?

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  • ?
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    2 months ago

    The reason we don't know is due to the escalating cost of cutting edge research. The days are long gone when a bloke can make state of the art discoveries in electromagnetism by waving around magnets and coils in a shed. The days are also long gone when profound discoveries can be made under a football stadium with piles of lead blocks and lumps of other metals. Nowadays fundamental discoveries in the physical sciences cost tens of billions of dollars, and the payback is essentially trivial. Witness the LHC as a typical example. I would also toss in the JWST, LIGO and the ISS as other examples of enormous cost for little return, as other examples.

    The discovery of the cause of the discrepancies that have been ascribed to "dark matter" are probably way beyond the capacity of human civilization to finance in order to lead to a discovery. And considering that the world is now swimming in debt indicates that end-game is close, the nature of "dark matter" is destined to become nothing more than the stuff of myth in a post-progress society.

  • Tom
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    2 months ago

    The "normal" matter of parallel universes----RELATIVE to us it is NOT interactive (or weakly interactive because of gravity alone)

    For several universes to be parallel in essentially the same space, their matter must not interact.   So apparently "Matter" has some attribute like "frequency" that will only interact with matter of the same "frequency", so to speak.  Matter is real or interactive only with its own kind.

    Thus many parallel universes my occupy the same area, but be independent from each other---Like several different frequency radio station waves occupy the same air---The "real" one to us is the one we are "tuned" to.

    All of these worlds have an absolute reality., But which one is "real" to US though, is the one that matches particles of our bodies is made from.--------But since these other universes still exist if we are aware of them or not.

    So relative to OUR universe the matter of the other universes is "Dark matter " to us.---They only have the little interactivity they DO have because of gravity---the weakest of the forces. that is the only one shared by all the other parallel worlds----why it is so weak------So they are "WIMPS" relative to us Weakly Interacting Matter Particles

  • neb
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    2 months ago

    Most candidates for dark matter such as the ones you mentioned are weakly interacting. They do not interact via electromagnetism or the strong force, and possibly not even the weak nuclear force.

    If they don’t interact via the electromagnetic force, that means they do not emit, absorb, or scatter electromagnetic radiation. If they dont interact with the strong force, they cannot clump together to form atoms. If they do interact with the weak force as conventional neutrinos do, they could pass through the earth with very little chance of interacting. They do gravitate like any matter/energy MUST do.

    So, the above mentioned candidates would be consistent with observed gravitational effects that are consistent with diffused weakly interacting or just gravitating matter/energy. And they would be very difficult to detect.

  • 2 months ago

    I've had my suspicions for years that the supposedly mysterious dark matter may be normal bayonic matter in millions of rogue planets and hybrid brown dwarf planet stats.

    I do not reject all the other candidates, but since scientists I have been looking for halos of dark matter around galaxies for over 4 decades and still I have not found them, time at means the dark matter can be be in galaxies galaxy clusters, superclusters and sheets. To me mythos?seems screamingly obvious and logical. Yes, I am a scientist. 

    Why does dark matter HAVE to be non baryonic. Why can't it be?several different types of matter including baryonic?

    No one said a word about parallel universes. 

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