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Are most women who stay with abusive partners usually uneducated or lower class?

Because I can't comprehend how a woman who has a degree from Harvard or Stanford and is a medical doctor or lawyer would stand for being in a relationship with a violent or abusive boyfriend/husband. Most of these women just don't get into relationships with these types of men to begin with. Most women I find that are abused work minimum wage jobs or have only a high school degree and live in the ghetto

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  • Nat
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    2 months ago

    No. Women with self-esteem issues aren't stupid, they just have self-esteem issues. I grew up in a wealthy but really disturbed household with a lot of sexual abuse, which made me have dangerously poor self-esteem. I then went to Dartmouth and dated a guy who told me no one would ever love me, raped me multiple times, etc. I genuinely thought he was the best I could have, and thought I was very difficult to love. 

    I broke it off with him, moved to California, and am in a significantly better relationship. 

  • 2 months ago

     It's not about being poor. The inability to have a good relationship with yourself and taking it out on those around you can happen in any income/educational bracket. There are successful and powerful people who have been known to be abusive to their families and rule with terror. 

  • 2 months ago

    No , it is male mental  aptitude which make him torture his wife , education has no part in it

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    It's hard to believe that someone would want deliberately to be in a relationship like this. So it's not like this from the start.

    Most relationships begin on a good note.

    It is overtime something begins to change and as we all know by now, we're capable of adapting to change and live "normal " as we do today  wearing masks and sanitizing hands more than ever.

    Women feel the dynamic better than men because any drastic or even minor problems almost instantly affect their libido and attraction to their partner.

    So, if women continuesly accept bad treatment it is because their self-esteem and confidence are very low, not their education. 

    A confident woman does not tolerate a man who devalues her. She has enough power in her voice and bravery to jump onto his throat if he is being disrespectful, acts like a jerk, thinks too highly of himself etc. 

    A woman with low self-esteem is too scared to raise her voice and often  digs her own grave so to speak.

     Think about how many times you've heard women say something like that:

    "Oh, don't take your shoes off... I need to clean the house anyway" but you look around and clearly see the place is clean.


    "Ugh.. Don't buy me such and such clothes... i'll be sitting in a playground with the baby... it's going to get messed up"


    "Found this on clearance for only 5$. Perfect to wear around house"

    "Saved 10$ in coupons!" 

    "This was buy 1, get 1 free"


    You give her a compliment on a dress and she says "oh, that's an old one... had it for like 10 years"

    Unfortunately, these are examples of those first stones women throw into themselves in front of their men without realizing that overtime they are training men to think the same way about them as women.

    Confidence looks differently. 

    Educated or not, a confident woman can not hold her emotions forever. 

    Let's say, a sink is leaking and she asked her man to fix it. Of course, it all flew over his head the first time.

    So she repeats it 50+ times in the next 6 month to fix the sink but he is still dreading it while the leaking problem only gets worse and louder. 

    Eventually her poison builds up to a breaking point, turns into aggression (especially during pms) and she rips the whole damn leaking sink with a flesh out of the house. 

    Problem solved. New sink gets installed. 

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  • 2 months ago

    I don't rate class...  she can knock on my door... friend...

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    There are many different kinds of abuse. I grew up in a very privileged neighborhood and I saw some of my neighbors suffering abuse of different kinds, more emotional abuse than physical.

    I remember when I was like 17, going to our neighbors' cookout and the wife was some kind of surgeon and the husband was an accountant and he was constantly critical of everything she did, in front of everyone. He was so derisive to the point where she was so upset and nervous and she just seemed humiliated. My parents commented later that he was always like that with her. I have no idea why she stayed with him but as far as I know, they're still married. 

    Abuse infiltrates all echelons of society, all races, all religions, and it's not just women who are the victims. 

  • 2 months ago

    Sadly you have got it so wrong. Domestic abuse runs the whole gamut from the very rich to the poor. You can see there are many celebrities, rich people, well educated people who have been involved in abusive domestic relationships. Often its hidden from the press and just shown simply as an "acrimonious divorce". 

    And its not only women who can be the victims either. Men can be abused by their wife or partner too. It  can be hard for a man to admit his woman beats on him and he can be afraid that, if he responds in kind, HE will be charged as the abuser. Sadly it does happen. 

    No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. As for the reasons someone might stay with an abuser there are many:

     - fear of failing at the relationship - having family and friends say "I told you it was a bad idea". 

    - fear of making the change and being alone. Sometimes being with the abuser feels better than having to start over. 

    - being convinced by the abuser that this is the best you are going to ever be able to get. and its YOUR fault the abuse happens. If you could just do better it would stop (but it doesn't). 

    - Believing the "good times" will come back if they try hard enough to give them what they want. Usually the abuser doesn't start out that way, so they think that it can go back to the happier times. 

    - staying "for the kids sake". 

    - being threatened with having the kids taken off them, or being left with nothing at all if they leave. Often the abuser gains full control over finances etc. so that they have no resources.

    - often the abuser has systematically cut off all the person's ties with family and friends so they feel that they have no one to turn to if they leave. No support. 

    - often the abuser is the one with the money and perceived power in the relationship. 


  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

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