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What do you think went badly for my day in court?

I have been a police officer for 7 years, okay so, long story short my day in court did not go very well. If you had read a previous question of mine you would have learned that I had to attend court because I didn't do my job properly and a serious incident occurred.

I asked people to supply me with something to drink while I was in court, I usually like a particular flavour of lemonade, but sometimes I get cravings for other flavours, so what I did was I got someone to strap a vending machine (that was in the reception area) to an industrial wheelie pusher thing and have it wheeled into the court room beside where I would be standing in case I needed to get a drink of something.

Believe it or not I actually managed to convince the people to do this for me and the court hearing initially was going smoothly, but at one point I had to interrupt and say "you know, I'm starting to feel hungry now and I need to do something about it." So, of course I had to hire an entire burger van but they said they couldn't bring it into the building. I started to throw a hissy fit and eventually I said "fine, just have it parked right up against the emergency exit door which was in the court room itself.

This whole process must have taken well over an hour, to get the burger van here and for me to walk over and order something to eat. Everyone was giving me weird looks as if they thought I was crazy, but I assumed this was normal for a lunatic on his court day anyway. 


Maybe I’m just thinking way too much about the day, and maybe it didn’t go that badly. Was there anything I could have done to prevent these weird looks I was getting from everyone? I mean, it’s not like I blocked the main entrance to the court premises, I got the burger van around the side emergency exit. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the fire alarms went off after I pushed the emergency door open. Do you think the smoke and fumes from the van caused this to happen?

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    Nice story, but on a scale of 1-to 10 for originality, you scored a -0

    Try again later, and as always, thanks for playing the Troll game

    Which you suck at I might add

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    For a seven-year-old you have a vivid imagination.

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