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How to properly potty train Chihuahuas?

Long story short... I have been having 2 Chihuahuas for years and they've always been outside backyard dogs. I wanted them to be indoors but my dad always said no because they always poop and pee around the house. I've tried training them a couple times because I know how sensitive Chihuahuas are to temperature and I just hated them living outside, but they always pee on the carpets and couches. My dad thinks it's impossible to potty train them but I still believe they can do it. Any advice?

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    Here ya go, lots of sites all about potty training Chihuahuas.

    Leaving this little dog outside is abusive & oh, so wrong.  They need the warmth of inside, they need to be sitting right with you, they are a companion dog needs the human touch.  Do your damnedest to train them & get them in the house.

    You could get an 'exercise pen for dogs' to keep them in when they are in the house & not being petted.  Far better than a crate & they won't be going potty on your floor or your couch.  But they need to be properly trained.  Good luck.

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     In the same way you do any other dog. Diligent regular consistent  housetraining.

    As for pads they will teach your dog that its perfectly ok to crap in your home.... So are a complete waste of time and money.

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    It's impossible to POTTY TRAIN dogs.  They don't have thumbs, can't flush.  You "have been having them for years," they're old, they aren't housebroken? It may very well be too late.

    .And, yes, in MY State you would be charged with cruelty to animals if you had outside Chihuahuas.


    I don't think you can change their habits.  Your father must be a very cruel person.  My Dad was the same way.

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    PEE PADS.   Go buy a bag of them at a pet store.    When the dog gets up in the AM put the dog on the pad.  It has "Pee" scent on it and they should pee.   Praise them and pet them and give them a treat each time they so it.     After you feed them,   stick them on the pad and they should poop.    Same thing,  praise, pet, treat.   They will catch on that it is OK to go on the pee pad.   (I have six Chihuahuas and they all use the pee pads at night,   during the day they like to go outside.)

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