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Is it fair Nurses work 12 hour shifts and others like teachers collect unemployment and stay home?

I believe the nursing field, medical field in general is going to lose many great nurses and it's already happening. They are now being spit on by covid patients who still believe it's a hoax, and they are quitting in droves. It takes a long time to train a nurse, all those years in college and then all the experience they get on the job. You can't have a makeshift nurse in 6 months and expect him or her to be like the 10 year veteran nurse. I don't believe many of them can last much longer and are worn out to the bone psychologically, emotionally, and physically and are not getting the credit they deserve. In addition, it's going to sway future nurses and doctors who would've been great in the field and help many lives. Is it fair that nurses continually do these shifts without complaining, while teachers are complaining constantly about having to work and baby sit the kids at school and grade papers and deal with the parents?

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    Yes, indeed... I agree with your question... Nurses or other medical healthcares are human being... They work just like others... Pushing and pulling them upside down the hours to work long routine job wouldn't be pleasant and unfair to them... I agree plenty of them pronebto quit their job and trying other job rather than being the medical personnel... I understand this situations and I agree with you because I am nurse @ RN too... Lol

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    since when do teachers get unemployment , they get full pay here during the covid .

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    Without complaining?  WE COMPLAIN ALL THE TIME.  Nothing changes but venting and complaining is what helps us from strangling patients.  The people i really applaud are the MOA’s and registration clerks i work with.  They see patients first, they get abused the most and some of them even work double (16 hours for them), i don’t know how they do it.  

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    Sounds like you are complaining. Nothing is stopping you from becoming a teacher. {Most unemployment will end at the end of 2020, and more stimulus checks are uncertain.} btw, my dad did a mid-life career change from dangerous work to school teacher. THEN he had a heart attack. {And did survive, thanks to medical personnel - but I am just saying teaching involves much stress, too.}

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    Nurses usually work 39 hours per week

    3 shifts that are supposed to be 12 but end up 13.

    Teachers work more than 40 per week.

    Teachers require at least 5 years of schooling

    You can become an RN in as little as 18 months.

    Lots and lots of RNs complain all day. The difference is that the nurses union doesn't make sure we all hear the belly-aching. 

  • Comparing a nurse to a teacher is like comparing apples to bananas. They're different jobs. A nurse is an essential service, a teacher isn't so much essential since they can close schools but hospitals remain open year round. 

    Just being spit on isn't enough to spread covid, unless they spit they've gotten spit in their faces. Unless you really love your job as a nurse, it can be tough to do that job, there's a lot of emotional and mental trauma that can come with it. 

    If you would rather be a teacher, then see what it takes to be one. At least you get summers off and pretty much every statutory / federal holiday off.

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    Life is not fair. Boo hoo.

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