What do you think of these names?

So I was bored and am not having a child anytime soon but was curious if anyone liked these names. When I’m an adult I want to have a child and possibly name it one of these lol

Girl Names

-Lyra(I have loved this name for ages)



-Amane(This name grew on me bc of my favourite anime character from Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun. He is a boy but apparently the name is more commonly given to girls. I think I like it. i’m not sure about it though, because I myself am not Japanese. Haha)

Boy Names




-Valerian(I like this one but it might be a little too feminine)

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    I like a lot of these names.

    Lyra -- This is cute, I've started to like it because of His Dark Materials. 

    Seraphina/Serafina -- Love this name, prefer the first spelling. Very elegant. 

    Dahlia -- I probably wouldn't use it myself but I like that it's an uncommon nature name. 

    Amane -- I've never heard this before, not too keen on the sound of it. 

    Carmine -- I like that it's unusual but for some reason looks more like a girls' name to me, maybe because it reminds me of Carmen. 

    Flynn -- Love this, short and simple but uncommon. 

    Rowan/Roman -- I like both of these, prefer Rowan for a boy than a girl but Roman is my favourite of the two, it's so strong and handsome. 

    Valerian -- I really like this, I love elegant, slightly flamboyant type names for boys. 

    Favourites are Seraphina & Roman :)

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    2 months ago

    Out of these names, I like:







  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    'Seraphina ' and 'Flynn ' actually are both among my favourite names. 

    All the other names you listed are nice too.

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    2 months ago

    By the time you grow up and have kids you may change your mind and you may have a partner who will want a say.

    Lyra~  I don't care for it.

    Seraphina/Serafina~  Only okay to me.

    Dahlia~  Very pretty.

    Amane~  Bound to be mispronounced.

    Hanako-Kun~  Oh, puleez!

    Carmine~  Nope.

    Flynn~  I love this one.

    Rowan~  Nice.

    Roman~  Okay.

    Valerian~  I just think "steel"

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Lyra is cute ! I like Laura slightly more. 8/10

    Seraphina: it’s ok. It’s a mouthful. 5/10

    Dahlia: very pretty 7/10

    Amane: it’s alright 4/10

    Carmine: I personally don’t like it 3/10

    Flynn: nice but I like Finley more 7/10

    Rowan: I know mainly girls names this still nice 7/10

    Roman: one of my favorites!! 10/10

    Valerian : too girly 2/10

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I like Dahlia and Rowan.

    Other suggestions:










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