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How will Tier 3 areas be allowed to celebrate Christmas when they're not permitted to travel? I don't understand how that would work?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The highest of the coronavirus alert level system, those in tier 3 areas will not be allowed to see anyone outside their household or support bubble both in and outdoors. However, the rule of 6 will apply in open, public spaces.

    Wedding ceremonies are cancelled and people are advised against travelling outside their tier unless absolutely necessary. This also means overnight stays should be avoided.

    Under new lockdown tier 3 rules, pubs will only be able to operate on a takeaway basis, the same as restaurants.

    Cinemas, and all indoor entertainment, will be closed. It’s believed all non-essential shops will be allowed to open too. All tier 3 areas will follow uniform rules.

  • 2 months ago

    I suppose the Government are assuming that family groups are all living within a short distance from each other and therefore won't need to do much travelling to visit each other.

    Even if there weren't any travel restrictions in place, we won't be visiting any of our older relatives, until the vaccine has been given to them.  I don't agree with the Government giving people permission to get drunk and hug each other over Christmas and do all the usual 'get drunk and eat tonnes of junk food', which is how many people in the UK 'do Christmas'!

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