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Based on your knowledge of the Krebs cycle, the three steps to convert A to B most likely are:?

a) Oxidation, oxidation, dehydration.

b) Oxidation, hydration, oxidation.

c) Oxidativate decarboxylation, substrate level phosphorylation, oxidation.

d) Hydration, oxidation, oxidation.

e) Condensation, dehydration/hydration, oxidative decarboxylation.

f) Dehydration/hydration, oxdative decarboxylation, oxidative decarboxylation.

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    C, as citrate is dehydrogénâted ( hence oxidised)to produce 2NADH And 1 FADH abs it is also decarboxylated to a 4 carbon molecule ( oxalocetate) to begin the cycle again and ATP is produced as a result of substrate level phosopholation 

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