Why does my coworker get mad when I don't talk to her?

Ever since I've stopped talking to her and greeting her like she doesn't exist, she's been throwing fits and getting mad. She said hi and I did not say hi back. Now she is criticizing me in how I work, when in the past when I used to talk to her, she told me I was so good. She is quite a bit older than me and has seniority over me. Is she a lesbian or something? She said she has a husband, but I don't know about that...

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    2 months ago

    Why would you assume she is a lesbian because  she will not talk to you?  That is wrong to think that because she will not talk to you. Maybe she rather do her work without distractions. She may not feel well. That last one s of you only talked to her not every day. Maybe try talking to her about why she does not talk to you. Just because she will not talk to you and without knowing the reason going to your boss about her does not seem like the best option. The best option I suggest is trying to ask her why.

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    Basic social skills apparently elude you. 

  • Just because she won't talk to you some times you assume she's a lesbian, even though she told you she has a husband....  You would have to ask her why she gets that way when you don't talk to her. 

    I think you should have a talk with your boss about her behavior, she shouldn't be getting mad just because some one won't talk to her. If she isn't a manager / supervisor, she shouldn't be criticizing your work. She may have been there longer then you, if she's not your boss she should keep her mouth shut about your work. 

    Personally I wouldn't be talking to this person if that's the way they were going to treat me. I also would rather focus on my job then starting any drama at work. 

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    I feel like that this has happened where I work as well. I don't usually greet people unless they greet me first. I just like to be left alone to do my work. Sometimes some of the people that I work with get upset and say that I don't like them because I don't laugh at every joke or I don't always carry on conversations. I'd rather just focus on my work; it's more relaxing. I think someone would get upset and react like you've described because they want acceptance from others. They're trying to define their worth based on other people's perception of them. No judgment. I'm guilty of this myself. Hope this helps. Just know you can't control how people act but you can control how you act, and think, and feel. Have a great day. 

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