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My almost-girlfriend refuses to talk to me because I missed too many of her virtual Instagram concerts. Is this fair?

So Ive been talking to this woman, Katie, for a few weeks now. She and I hit it off incredibly well. Recently, Katie asked me if I would come watch her virtual rock concerts on Instagram. She has a total of 145,000+ followers on Instagram. Anyway, I told Katie that I would try to make a concert but things have come up and so unfortunately I've missed her last three concerts. 

Im a busy person. I have school, work, and other things Im doing. 

Katie told me she hates liars and has blocked me on all social media. 

Her girl friends have also refused to talk to me. 

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    They believe 'absence makes the heart grow fonder.'  That may be true but toying with people's emotions makes them less trusting of one and without the trust of the audience... there eventually is no audience.

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    No, I don't think that's fair. But I've been on both sides, I've been her in the situation where I would keep getting promised something but he would never follow through, and I've also been you in the situation where I keep promising something to someone and won't follow thorough bc of my busy school and work schedule. I think she's right for being annoyed though, in her eyes you probably seem uninterested and that you're leading her on but not actually into her, and more less a flake. It sounds like that's not true though from this post, but I do think maybe you should make a better effort to attend at least one if it means that much to her. But I get that sh*t happens and comes up but she was probably just trying to protect herself from getting hurt by someone who doesn't follow through (or so she thinks). But she also should be way more understanding and hear your side. And I think you should apologize and explain why you never attended a show, and then make the next one, if you're able to contact her somehow. If not, what's meant to be will be and ultimately you should find someone in real life, not instagram if you want something that will last.

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    I mean that depends on whether you she already paid for a ticket for you because those are expensive so if she already bought you an insta ticket you should probably go. You could always just have it in in the background or maybe just have your camera to use on a picture of you but you can be working on schoolwork etc. 

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    She is not your almost anything. Be glad you found out what type of controlling and vindictive person she is before you actually even became "friends".  

    Vaccines are almost here and soon Covid will be a memory we just  talk about. When that happens turn OFF your Instagram and go out to real concerts and dances or other social events to meet real people in the flesh and spend time with them without your phone and Instagram.

    You will meet real girls who treat you like a decent person as long as you treat them nicely.  Then you can have a real girlfriend and maybe even some real romance, love and companionship  

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    "FAIR", nothing in life is fair.  If she is not talking to you she is not your "almost" anything,

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    She is right to block you forever.

    We dislike you and despise you.

    She never liked you.

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    She probably does the same thing with thousands of guys, to get more followers. You need to find a real girl in person

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