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How to troubleshoot streaming service issues with Vizio Smart TV?

We recently purchased a new Vizio Smart TV, and have been experiencing frustrating problems with streaming shows. The room gets a good, strong signal from the new wifi router we purchased. We can confirm this because every other device in the vicinity gets a full signal strength. However, when we go to stream anything from Netflix or Disney +, the stream constantly cuts out and pauses for long periods of time to load. I tried streaming to the TV from my phone using the built-in Chromecast which worked for an episode until we ran into the same "loading" problem. We have reset the wifi multiple times, and extensively checked that the TV is in a spot that receives a good signal. Also, all of our devices can stream shows perfectly in the same room, it seems that the connectivity issues only happen with the TV. Is there anything we haven't tried yet, or is there some setting on the Vizio TV that is interfering? Anything would help!

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    Maybe the wifi is too strong.  

    Excessive signal strength can cause the same problems as a weak signal.    

    Try moving the TV and router somewhat farther apart. 

    If that doesn't work, maybe using an ethernet cable will help. 

    They are cheap, so if the experiment failed you wouldn't lose much. 

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