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Is my boyfriend a toxic person?

There are several things that have lead me to thinking my boyfriend is just a toxic person but, this time its gone really far. He has said in the past how much he hates our neighbours. They tend to make a lot of noise but, nothing too bad to me. Once in a while they do go over the line but, during this pandemic it is understandable. We share walls on either end of our home. He has said things like "If they die, I would smile." or in the past "they should be shot."or "I wish they would die". He has even yelled up to the wall so that they would hear. He has called them losers, repeatedly saying that over and over again. I have confronted him on this in a kind way and in a forceful way and it irritates me to no end. 

He has also crossed the line with some family members where he will do something, it upsets them and then he sluffs it off or repeatedly does it.

He never takes my advice anymore for working on his anger issues and doesn't see how these things could be detrimental to not just him but, the both of us. 

There were times in the past where his behaviour could be considered prejudice or even racist. These things are bothering me to no end. I am no perfect person myself but, not sure the next step. 

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    Sounds toxic to me. Actually sounds a lot like my late father. He was always criticizing others by saying things like, "They should be shot", etc... also had a habit of calling my mom an idiot. His attitude is clearly dragging you down. That kind of negativity is mentally unhealthy for both of you. Just think of how much happier you would be if you had a boyfriend that was an actual nice person! Best of luck!

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     If you’re begging the question than he’s likely bad zxjqf

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    Take a walk. He'll quiet down without an audience to his rants.

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