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Isnt it sad when you realize you dont know someone really?

I feel like i was close to this guy at work but now today i feel distance as if maybe all he was doing was flirting and being friendly but doesnt wanna be friends. Tbh i have a crush but i control it by keeping it down. I know i hve one cuz when his gf gets mentioned in convos often get internally my mood changes and i feeldown i cant even pretend to myself like i dont like him. 

Anyway yeah i thought at least we would be friends since i cant date him anyway. But now i feel like i dont know him. But i also know im a hard woman to open up or get to know. I cant talk much about my life cuz im embarassed that i have no friends or fam in my life. I dont wanna tell him that i dont do anything for holidays while he tels me about how hes visiting family. So i can see how he might feel like he doesnt even know me.

Idk i wish i had any real connection in life but i dont.

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    Sweety, we humans thirst for real connection never ends, only lucky ones get it and ppl like us get stuck in between the ones who flirts and manipulate us . The world is not fair

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