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Psychosis , bipolar disorder help?

I feel as though my husband has a mental health struggle . I know I need a doctor to diagnose but what does this sound more like ? Here’s the story so like two years or one year ago he got pistol whipped with the butt of a gun he has never been able to recover mentally to me . It was a ex friend of his actually two of them that was involved but one he was more close with and it affected him deeply that the friend would betray him and try to rob him . he didn’t even go get the wound checked it was a deep gash he bled crazy that day he cried he’s always had experienced being betrayed by close loved ones in different ways he’s a sensitive man and takes EVERYTHING serious if u get my drift .but I’m gonna be honest he took a drug that I do not condone in ( molly ) , ecstasy  one of them and I do believe it plays a part in his mental intensifying when he’s going through stuff like he says he can hear voices he’s been REALLY depressed for some reason I catch him blankly staring into space like he’s thinking about something everyday for a week and some days he’s been having nightmares on top of us arguing sometimes ..we argued cause I notice him acting strange and he tried to kinda deny it I was kind of scared for myself . Overall symptoms are headaches nightmares feeling down hearing voices feeling like somethings gonna happen etc but he can still talk to me like he’s fine we have sex fine he says he feels fine but I don’t know please help us 

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    His symptoms could be caused by PTSD or a traumatic brain injury NOT bipolar. He needs a brain scan first then he needs to see a psychiatrist or an assessment. Please stop picking fights with your husband, he's going through hell and needs your empathy, love and understanding not a slanging match. I have severe PTSD after being subjected to false imprisonment and rape by a stranger. I do experience flashbacks where I sometimes mutter things to the attacker but otherwse look as if I'm staring into space, I hallucinate the bastard which can make me scream or cry and the nightmares are horrific. The only symptom that doesn't fit is your husband's headaches and although they can be stress related he urgently needs an X-ray or a scan to check for damage. If a small piece of bone chipped off and entered his brain he's in real trouble and would need surgery urgently. The molly doesn't need to be mentioned although it's not uncommon for people with PTSD to try and find comfort in drink and drugs.

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    As you say, it takes a doctor, and I hope he'll see one soon. I'll mention that post-traumatic stress disorder is defined as trouble coping as a result of a trauma. Nightmare is a common symptom. If he was diagnosed as having PTSD, the best thing of course would be therapy - preferably from a therapist who has a lot of experience with PTSD. There's a book by a therapist, The PTSD Sourcebook by Dr Glenn Schiraldi. People with the disorder say it's very good. It says there's a variety of PTSD symptoms, and some of them respond to self-help. For example there are things that help with nightmares.

    A psychologist named Seppala did a study with PTSD patients, In just a week of treatment, they did much better with their anxiety, with good results a year later.

    The first video - a lot of info with this. Second interview - Dr Seppala interviewed with one of the patients in her study.

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